Road and Race works closely with the world renowned vehicle shipping specialists, Seabrook Forwarding and Handling

Our business is built around being proficient in vehicle exports from South Africa. We are equipped to handle various types of orders from new / demo vehicles to vintage vehicles. Shipping vehicles out of any country is an intricate process, which is why we focus on what we do best: sourcing the right vehicles as well as securing and fulfilling the sales deals efficiently. We then work hand in hand with the Seabrook South Africa branch to make sure the right paperwork is arranged and completed to ensure legal exportation. Seabrook then takes over and handles the entire shipping process from the loading of vehicles, clearing customs and shipping from port to port. In general, or more specifically, the popular routes for vehicle shipping out of SA have a reciprocal Seabrook Global has branch to handle the import. To read up more about the entire process of shipping out of RSA, visit the Seabrook website for more detailed info: www.seabrookfandh.com

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Road & Race sources all types of vehicles as can be seen on our Sales collection page.

We buy & sell, source & find and, of course, ship everything from new demo vehicles to non-runner cars that are going off for full restorations.

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Important Information to know when exporting vehicles:

  1. Process: Know the process so its done correctly.
  2. Paperwork: Let the professionals guide and handle all the paperwork from the beginning – this is where many run into problems from very early on.
  3. Buying and selling process of a vehicle:
    1. South Africa has a dynamic market to deal with.
    2. Make sure you have industry professionals to assist you right from beginning as to avoid potential scammers, crooks and dishonest sellers selling cars that actually are not what they say or think they are.
    3. Send out the right people to view the vehicles. Buying unseen often leaves one wondering why they went through the process to import a vehicle. Do it right first time and we will be helping you for many times more.
    4. Buy and sell agreements, traffic department registration paperwork, titles, ownership, unregistered vehicles, ID’s, proof of residence…these are just a few of the items we tick off along the way in a strict step by step process to ensure that the sale happens in an efficient way.
    5. Relocation of the vehicle from the previous owner to our warehouse ready for paperwork completion, then shipping. Between Road & Race and Seabrook, we take care of this entire process using the right carriers for the specific type of vehicle we are currently dealing with.
  4. Clearing Customs:
    1. Every vehicle is by law required to have an ITAC Export Permit.
    2. To obtain an export permit, you need an RPC (Request for Police Clearance for Export) and then your vehicle must undergo a Police Clearance for Export with Micro Dotting / Data Dotting.
    3. We can complete this process for you as well. It can be rather painful sitting in queues, but luckily we have contacts to ensure that its done in just one day.
  5. Now we are ready to ship
    1 – We book your vehicle onto a shipment, arrange with customs , load the vehicle and then off it goes.
  6. Seabrook then handles the import for you and if required can assist with the local registration of the vehicle too.
  7. Drive away in your new vehicle!

Road & Race Sales is ready to assist you with the whole process so we can export your vehicle out of South Africa to your home country.

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